Why Do We Work?

It wasn’t that long ago that there was hardly any such thing as a job. Our ancestors and forefathers farmed the land or carried out trades such as wheelrights, fletchers (people who made arrows), and maybe the only jobs as we would know them were for soldiers or mercenaries. They didn’t need a CV Writing Service Fast forward to today and everyone it seems is looking to climb the career ladder, get a job or a better job and earn more money by working for someone else such as Motorbike Breakers Bridgend Why would anyone want to work for the benefit of someone else? I believe that the answer may be simply that we are lazy and don’t want the effort and risk associated with creating and running a business of our own like Neath and Port Talbot Cleaning services

As I’m writing this, we’re on the verge of coming out of one of the deepest recessions that the world has ever known. Fueled by the banking crisis and the ensuing credit crunch, jobs have been lost and whole industries outsourced to the far east as labour rates have been driven further lower in order to compete. It really is a race to the bottom.

So why would you actually want to work and get a job? Truth is that we need to eat, keep warm and buy those essentials that we need to have to live in the 21st century. How do you get yourself a decent job? First thing would be in my opinion to use a CV or resume writing service and get everything written down that you have done in your career, in the right order




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