My Career Journey

I write for a living. Strange but true. It wasn’t always like this though, we started off having to hold down a job and for that, we needed a really good

Having a professional CV is not in itself enough to get you the job you need. Clearly it is no good to anyone if you have the best CV in the world and nobody knows about you. If you are starting the job hunting process, perhaps if you have just been made redundant, this brief article is for you

A CV is first and foremost a selling or marketing document. Good selling and marketing principles teach us that benefits sell many times greater than facts or features. In this is best demonstrated through career achievements. These show the employer exactly what you can do for themcareer help through the achievements that you have demonstrated in the past

Check out the very few companies that can and will distribute your CV. They do exist and some are very good. The best that we have found is CV Trumpet. While this service does cost money, it can be a very effective and relatively inexpensive method of getting your CV round quickly. Details can be found in the section on CV distribution

If you want to target companies to work for from within a particular industry, it may be worth you considering the purchase of company information. Many businesses use this method to gain new customers and you may find it useful to target sector specific businesses. Kompass is the largest of this sort of business but a quick Internet search for business mailing lists may prove helpful to you

A great cover letter can and does make the difference between getting your application read and binned. Highlight achievements within you past career specific to the company you are applying to and your application goes straight to the top of the pile

Make a spelling mistake in someone’s name or in a job application and watch your chances diminish. The simple courtesy of a telephone call to check that you have the correct details for the name and job title of the recruiter make a big difference to your chances. This sort of attention to detail show diligence and do not go unnoticed in small HR departments where only a few people deal with these details

Have you ever noticed how fast that news spreads by word of mouth? Make this work for you by letting as many of your friends and family know that you are looking for work. You really do have no idea of how powerful that this is until you set it in motion. Most of the jobs that I have ever got have come through this method. I continue to this day getting work through word of mouth. It can work for you as well