And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Taking down a blog you love is like selling a stock you have held for a long time that you bought low, held through some rough times, and enjoyed high dividends from all along the ride. Booking profit. It’s strangely hard to do, even when you know it’s time to move on to a new investment.

I’ll be turning 54 in two weeks, and the gift I am giving myself is a bittersweet potion for growth. To receive the gift, I have to walk through the door of this comfortable garden, closing the gate behind.

This post (really and truly) is my last.

Why on earth?

Three primary reasons:

(1) I’ve gotten uncomfortable with the wide open public nature of blogging. It just isn’t in me to create multiple layers to protect my own identity or those of others and as a result, my writing here tells more than it perhaps should and so much less than it could if I were utilizing that same energy in a less transparent way.

(2) The blog has kindled within me a passion for storytelling, and some opportunities to actually publish them have arisen. This is a path I want to follow, and for me it necessarily means no more blogging.

(3) I want to keep you all in “breathless suspense” for Longleaf Preserve (the book), and the incendiary new reality tv show, Mary Beth’s Kitchen*.

My only regret here is that I have come to view many of you as friends, teachers, and highly valued fellow travelers. I am missing you already. You have my e-mail address, and I will welcome any exchanges of letters. I am only leaving the blog world, not the earth.

Switched At Birth has been great fun. Thank you all for the gift of your time and the enjoyment I have experienced reading your blogs.

Happy Trails,


*Don’t get out your TIVOs. I’m just kidding about the tv show.


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