Rebuilding The I-10 Bridge

Buck and I were on the Isle of Arran off the western coast of Scotland when Hurricane Ivan wreaked long-lasting havoc on Pensacola and its environs. We had access to U.S. television stations via satellite, plus I was able to read the Pensacola News Journal online throughout the storm's aftermath. One picture I shall never forget was that of a man driving an 18-wheeler, the cab of which was teetering over the gaping edge of the smashed Interstate 10 bridge over Escambia Bay. The truck lost its precarious hold, and the poor man lost his life.

Today, Buck and I crossed that temporarily repaired bridge, and observed the amazing process of a new, higher, bridge under construction. I shot a few photos from our moving car. The cranes, boats, scaffolds, men walking, all of it curiously beautiful, a ballet of creativity and physical labor.






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