Take One Dose of Wildness Daily


One Dose of Wildness Daily from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.


Uncontrolled nature scares us sometimes. It screws up our conviction that we are in control.

A little wildness along helps to innoculate us from this illusion.

There is a musical ending to this 5 minute, 37 second multivideo archival walk. It's the stream on a March morning.


2 thoughts on “Take One Dose of Wildness Daily

  1. Thanks, Marie. I still have alot to learn about configuring videos so they
    show up right for every browser. (For example, my brother in Lakeland has no
    problem at all, but a friend in Ohio has stops and starts like I do.) For
    the moment, though, the river’s moving, and I’ve jumped back into it with
    words. Nonetheless, it’s a nice archive to have of a snapshot
    (snapvideo?) in time in the life of this patch of ground.


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