Kathleen Scott and Denny Coates

It feels like coming home again, the home we want to see as we approach from wandering in the wilderness, candle in the window, dear faces peering out into the night, guiding our way with their yearning hearts. Coming home to folks who know us by our words over time. Honest brokers who report from the frontlines of their own lives. The kind of people you would drive cross-country to break bread with because you have come to respect and appreciate their clear-eyed intelligence, character and courage. . . even though you have never met.

Who in the world am I talking about?

Kathleen Scott has a new blog, Hill Country Mysteries. Her husband, Denny Coates, who has been sorely missed from the blogosphere since retiring his Book of Life in July of 2004, is working on an innovative concept for his (we hope we hope) return to blogging.

Denny, Kathleen and I began our virtual friendship back in 2004, when they were living on South Florida's Atlantic Coast. Denny's blog had a section for Kathleen's healthful recipes and often his words were punctuated by her photographs. Love of nature, life and each other illuminated the pages of Book of Life. Any day you read Denny's blog was a day you found a bit more strength and joy for the journey.

Kathleen and Denny share my own curiosity about the natural world. I wrote a post called "Exploration" in April of 2004. Kathleen's comment on that post tells you a lot about her uplifting personality and grace.

2004 was Florida's time in the hurricane barrel: we endured Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.  Denny, Kathleen and I — along with many others — chronicled the storms' devastation and our personal responses to them.  "Holding the Mirror" was one of my posts. It included post-hurricane excerpts from both Kathleen and Denny.

If you used to read Book of Life, you will be celebrating to learn that Denny's strong, wise voice may be returning to the blogosphere. Start the party early by enjoying Kathleen's blog. She and Denny are living in the wildflower capitol of the world now: the Hill Country of Texas, where Kathleen is close to completing her first mystery novel, set in, naturally, a small town in the Texas Hill Country. I can hardly wait to read it.

Click here to visit Kathleen. Be sure to leave a comment and introduce yourself.



4 thoughts on “Kathleen Scott and Denny Coates

  1. Beth, what a warm, generous welcome. Thank you! I’m honored.
    Your post felt so right about the warmth of friendship. We’ve never met in person but Denny and I feel connected to you and Buck through the clarity of your words.
    I hope we’ll get to meet in person on our next Florida trip. Or that you’ll think about a Texas jaunt. Denny would be happy to share his BBQ secrets…


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