Young Heron at The Crab Trap in Pensacola

It was Monday night a week ago at The Crab Trap in Pensacola.  Our good friends Roy and Bette were in town for the week.  We were seated at a table so near the water our feet were almost wet. Perfect.

We watched mullet jump, birds fish, and shrimp boats head out for the night. We shared crab cakes and a glass of wine, talking softly as old friends do. The night-cooled breeze smoothed feathers and lulled  hearts. Our breathing slowed, deepened, forerunner of a good night's sleep and memories for the road.


6 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. My favorite spot for happy hour is at a local marina just a hop and a skip from the ocean on an inland bay. Watching pelicans glide, the daily fish harvest come in, the occasional dolphin swim by to share a drink with me is the only way to live. Nothing melts away the stress of the day faster, except maybe boogie boarding on some good waves.


  2. “talking softly as only old friends do”, excellent descriptive phrase, it makes me yearn to spend time with a couple of my good friends that are miles away.


  3. Thanks, Dick — this photo is sort of an accident. I took it
    from the waterside deck of Pensacola’s Crab Trap restaurant.
    We had finished our dinner, dark had fallen, and we were just
    about to leave when this young heron flew in to do a little
    fishing. I grabbed for my camera, was in too much of a hurry to
    remember any settings, so just snapped it on automatic and that
    picture is the result.


  4. Amen, Fletch — except for the boogie boarding! I’m a fraidy cat
    when it comes to getting into the bay or gulf waters and prefer to
    do my swimming in a cement pond.


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