These Are The Boys My Mother Warned Me About

Bill, Tommy, Buck & Roy

My mother would have had a fit if these boys had lived in our neighborhood. She would have locked me in the bedroom and put bars on the windows.

Luckily for her, (not me), they were teenagers in 1953 Pensacola when I was still a curly-haired baby in Miami. 

Bill, Tommy, Buck (yes — that Buck) and Roy were hot-blooded young studs on the hunt. They pursued girls, of course, but also fast cars, faster squirrels, and contraband watermelons (so the story goes) to cool in Pensacola's Carpenter's Creek — back when it was still a sparkling spring-fed swimming hole instead of the drainage basin it got turned into.

Three of the four were in town last week for a high school reunion out on Pensacola Beach. 

A few nights before the big bash, Bill, Roy, and Roy's beautiful dynamo of a wife, Bette, came out to the woods for dinner. Roy's a helluva cook and he and I had a blast collaborating on dinner.  

. . . But that's a whole 'nother story.

3 thoughts on “These Are The Boys My Mother Warned Me About

  1. Reconnecting with old friends is wonderful, isn’t it? How nice that Buck has kept in touch.
    I didn’t know he was from Pensacola. It’s fun to fill in the blanks in small glimpses.
    Thanks for the comment about the tick bite. Glad that Buck got immediate treatment and has had no issues since. We’ve been heartbroken as advanced Lyme has debilitated a family member–a young person who was a rock climber & triathlete now gets around in a wheelchair and some days can’t get out of bed.
    Take precautions when you walk in the woods…
    I’ve bookmarked the Mayo site.


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