Stella’s Patellas

Susan Adcock , (Pitcherlady), is a gifted professional photojournalist and blog buddy based in Nashville, Tennessee. A while back she adopted a puppy and named her Stella. The puppy grew  – and grew. Now Stella has her own blog.   She is a bilingual, carnival-born Mexican-American Pit Bull, and she needs a little help. 

Listen to Nellie McKay sing The Dog Song, and then click on over here to read about Stella's temporary problem. Help out if you can. Susan doesn't know Maggie and I are posting this, so don't tell her.


5 thoughts on “Stella’s Patellas

  1. Thanks, Beth, for the link and I’m happy to contribute a little to this most worthy cause! And in reference to your own comment on my blog, Fundable looks really cool, but I’m way too uncomfortable using it for my own purposes! Thanks for thinking of me, though, and I actually love the expression Sugarbloggers!


  2. I love that song. I think I’m going to come back and listen to it once a week. That dog you spoke about, Stella. Love love love her too. Thanks, both of you.


  3. My favorite line (well, one of my favorite lines) in that song is “I was a pageant gone bad.” I just love it, too. Read the latest at Carny Dog. Lookin’ good.


  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by, Pee Wee. Maggie’s pretty good about keeping a secret unless you bribe her with food (navel oranges, shrimp and cooked turnip roots are among her favorites, and she would do hand-to-hand combat for a Mountain Dew).


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