Word Association: Part Two of “Tomatoes”

Thanks to Elizabeth, Fred, Richard, Shaddy, Sherry, Susan, and Kathleen  for your words, thoughts, and phrases on tomatoes. Tomatoes are highly evocative. They pull reactions from all our senses. Vine-ripened tomatoes are touchstones of memory and icons of hope. Context is everything, however, and green winter tomatoes have been frying  on my frontal lobes ever since I Googled up "Immokalee, Florida tomatoes" a few weeks ago. 

I've put your thoughts — and mine — in a thought bubble brainstorm format developed by the cool folks over at Bubbl.us.  Some of you may remember this concept from a post here last August, Sniff This Page.

I love your rich, ripe images. They are fragrant, funny, sad and sweet.



Bubblus_Richard_Gilbert_on_Tomatoes (1)



Bubblus_Sherry_now (1)

Bubblus_Kathleen_on_tomatoes (1)


I cheated, by adding a few sub-bubbles. Visit Bubbl.us sometime. It can be a fun writing tool.

The final set of brainstorm bubbles is a soupy distillation of thoughts, images and connections.

Bubblus_Tomato_Soup (3)

6 thoughts on “Word Association: Part Two of “Tomatoes”

  1. That’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m learning so much since I began blogging in April, I fear I may soon burst like an over-ripe tomato.


  2. You have me remembered my tomato woes too. Why can’t I grow tomatoes same as others who grew them “beautifully”? The culprit -> those pests, worms that slowly eat my plants. I don’t want to use pesticides as this is harmful so I end up losing all my tomatoes “sigh”. But I am still determined to plant another “batch”.


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