Wonders of the Day

Just before Noon yesterday, I suddenly remembered the milkweed (asclepias syriaca) plant loaded with seed pods that I saw down at the fireline crossroads last week — the one that comes back from bare, sandy earth every spring. milkweed The thought that the seed pods might have opened stirred me from my comfortable torpor. I pulled on shoes and sunglasses, grabbed my camera and told Buck I would be right back.  

He laughed and said, "Have fun." He has seen this act before, especially in the blooming season.

I cut across a strip of grass to an area I call "the clearing." It might be a space for a traditional lawn, since it is a flat open area in front of the house. Each fall, though, Buck and our friend, Harold, plant it in wheat, oats and rye. It provides beauty for us and green browse for deer all winter long. By late May, it has grown tall, turned a pale gold color, and is heavy with seeds. Turkeys, bobwhite, buntings and other birds share the bounty with deer and rabbits. I knocked seeds to the ground just walking across it to reach the fire line road. 

A red-tailed hawk  expressed himself as I traversed his hunting ground. When I reached the milkweed plant, I could see the seed pods were still intact, and so I kept on walking, looking for some treasure for the day. The day had turned hot and very bright. My step quickened, as I thought about the boggy area nearby. Maybe those wild carnivorous sundews had gotten bigger. 

I forgot all about the sundews when I got there. This area has a couple of hollowed out areas that are almost always full of water. They were full of tadpoles! Hundreds of them!

I almost ran home, eager to tell Buck. Luckily, I had slowed my pace before I got back to the clearing, and – just in time – looked up to see a beautiful young whitetail deer standing in the golden grain, staring right at me. 

White-tailed deer

8 thoughts on “Wonders of the Day

  1. What a great Sunday!
    Cool milkweeds–I’ve never seen that variety. Are you going to collect seed to start some close to the house?
    Buck’s cereal is the best. You’ve seen so many wonders over the years from that practice. I bet generations of birds have taught their young about your place. Doesn’t it feel good to play a part in their survival?


  2. That deer is beautiful, how fortunate it staid a moment to gaze at you. The food table meadow has brought such riches to your sight so much more than a bowling green lawn:0) Are the tadpoles frogs or toads oe newts?


  3. Your place sounds beautiful and like Daisy said, much better than a mowed front yard. I enjoyed the walk with you and the things we saw together.
    I invite you to papercutscreams. Wanted: Dead or Alive may entertain you.


  4. What a wonderful place in which you live. The wonders of nature are amazing aren’t they? Thanks for wowing me once again.


  5. I just want you to know that you’re on my blog list. The only problem is that when you post something new, it’s not showing up on my list. Right now, my blog list shows your most recent post as La Luna, La Bella Luna, posted 2 months ago. I thought perhaps this was just my site that wasn’t getting your new posts, but I just came from a friend’s blog and her blog list showed your last post as La Luna, also. I check your site every day just in case you’ve posted something so I haven’t missed much.
    I thought you should know. Good luck with fixing whatever’s wrong.


  6. Thanks for the heads up, Shaddy. I knew (from Gullible) that this was happening and have been derelict in getting to the bottom of it! I’ll try to find out from the Typepad folks. Meanwhile, if any body reading this knows the answer, we would all appreciate the good word.
    For the time being, to save your self time in checking the site every day, (thank you!), you might try using the subscription module at the top of the page, and then you would get an email whenever there’s a new post.


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