Young Oak


New foliage on young tree glistens after a morning shower. Buck and I have always called these Blackjacks — but in looking at pictures and leaf shapes, I am confused. Perhaps it is a Black Oak instead? 

4 thoughts on “Young Oak

  1. That is so pretty. The leaves are shaped like oak leafs. I wish I could help you identify the tree.
    If Gully stops in, she’ll probably know.
    (Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


  2. Beth,
    I don’t think it’s a black oak. the black oak (cuz the bark is so dark) is actually a member of the red oak family and has sharp points on its deeply cut lobes (its leaves are like the red oak and pin oaks). Lately I have been admiring a 12-foot black oak in my yard that I planted as a 12-inch seedling…Yours looks like a member of the white oak family to me, but maybe there are sharp points on those rounded lobes? I think the blackjack is in the red oak family and has sharp points like needles coming off the rounded lobes.


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