Dashing Off A Note

I'm dashing off a quick note just to let you know it's been a triathalon sort of a week, running at breakneck speed from one bit of business to another. All is well, just a little less serene than you may have come to expect here at Longleaf. I've had to get it in gear, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Thanks everyone for your comments on the mystery oak tree, (I'll be following up on the links), and on the wild flower photos, (I have most of them identified, am getting help on the hold-outs — and will report back their identities).

Finally, great news! Susan Adcock and Stella met and exceeded their goal. Surgery has been done and Stella is doing well. Check it out at Carny Dog for a good story and fabulous photos of a carnival born, bilingual, Mexican-American pit bull dog in an upsidedown lampshade.

Hope you guys are having a great week. See you again soon in this space and over at your places.

2 thoughts on “Dashing Off A Note

  1. You’re right. Getting it in gear is not a bad thing, it justs seems that way at times. I’m glad all is well.
    That is great new regarding Stella’s surgery. Awesome news!!
    Thanks for dashing off a note.


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