A few more books have been added to the "lending library" list in the previous post.

Thanks for all the great feedback. Five packages will go out tomorrow, including samples of such fine publications as Memoir(and), Mississippi Review, Paris Review and Creative Nonfiction.

To keep this going in a simple, easy-to-access way, in a few days I'll make a separate page with a link in the sidebar so you can see which books or periodicals are available at any given time. Once it's up, I'll post a note pointing the way.

The new page will also list what books (of all sorts) that I am currently reading along with your recommendations and finds. It will also be a place for your reactions to  literary journals you have a new experience with, and your comments on any you might choose to subscribe to.  Who knows? Maybe we could have a "joys and sorrows" section like a little neighborhood church, where we can discuss acceptance, rejection, disappointment, and the editors, mentors and friends who keep us returning to the paper or keyboard.

Buck and I just got back about twenty minutes ago from a dawn to dark-thirty day driving 300 miles,  taking care of some business that devolved into lots of talk and no lunch, and then driving another 300 miles back home. Maggie is spending the night at her favorite dog hotel, where she is, no doubt, being slavishly doted upon by a tiny white West Highland Terrier named Charlie (don't ask). We are missing her, but I guarantee you that furry chocolate Labrador retriever hussy is not missing us one bit!

Sweet dreams.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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