Almost a Mirage


The deer live close to the house. It is their neighborhood, too. And yet, sometimes when I see them, I wonder later: was it a dream?

At two o'oclock this morning, I stood close to a window and listened to a bird just outside singing an exquisite song — one I have never heard before. Brewing coffee now, I wonder: was it a dream?

7 thoughts on “Almost a Mirage

  1. I occasionally get this strange feeling about all of life. For a second or two, I’ll find myself questioning if it’s all a dream.
    It’s quite disturbing as the thought ransacks my mind.


  2. Lovely image. You’re right, it’s dreamlike.
    We have the same thing with deer…but my feeling is more of a thrill of mixed joy and horror. It’s impossible not to respond to their beauty. But unnerving to come out in the morning and find that one has been in the flowerbeds next to the house, eating my supposedly deer-resistant plants.


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