Embracing The Silly

I had a good laugh this morning when I ran across a sheaf of word scribbles from my incredibly brief  — I'm talking nanoseconds here — flirtation with National Novel Writing Month last year. Maybe you'll enjoy it, too. . .


The synopsis:

Game Changer will be a sprawling, multi-generational tale populated by a quintessentially adorable couple, Sam and Robin, and their even more adorable dog, Mo. Sam has an ex-wife who lives full-time on cruise ships. She instant mails Sam from various ports of call with chocolate martini-fueled one-line zingers. Robin has a mother who channels the late Tammy Faye Baker, takes Ambien every night and has to be bailed out of jail once a month like clockwork after sleep-driving to a local bar and raising a ruckus.

Then there is Sam's mother, the ancient Louise. She is old enough to be beyond ambition in every sense of the word: a truly dangerous grande dame.

And finally, Tracy, Robin's step-daughter from a previous marriage: brilliant, tattooed, pierced, bitter and bored.

A crisis brings this disparate group together reluctantly. Their usual scripts are shredded and roles upended. A surprise revelation generates  family catharsis that changes minds, softens hearts and rewrites the future.


Re-reading this now. . . I'm kind of getting into it again. Now if I can just get that stuffy old school marm out of my head, maybe I can have some fun!

8 thoughts on “Embracing The Silly

  1. Beth that sounds like a true Southern Gothic in the making. And waaay too much fun. Great description of Louise…which makes her my starting favorite. Although Robin’s mother is a close second. Poor Sam, he’s the lone man in this female world. Wonder how he’ll cope?


  2. Wow! You’ve got a great story plan for this year’s NaNoWriMo event! 🙂 I have nothing to go on yet but I’ve committed to take part. I love free writing so maybe I’ll just go that route and see what materializes. (Or wasn’t NaNoWriMo your cup of tea?)


  3. Great! Continue on!
    May I suggest a pint of Jose Gold, or perhaps another libation or liberation to take you to that state from which it just “flows”? haha
    Were it so easy…..


  4. I came across your site because of your comment on “Carny Dog.” I read the above synopsis, and I believe you have what it takes to write. I personally don’t care for the negative spectrum of your characters (I would balance them out with some uniquely positive qualities), but you apparently know how to develop characters, and most importantly, you have a way with words. I think you should go for it! 🙂


  5. Susan — not to worry. Sam, Robin and their dog Mo are good folk, and so positive and in love that they inspire some people and annoy others. This is one of those books where even the most unlovely character will grow.
    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.


  6. Kathleen, Elizabeth & Shaddy — You guys have gotten me enthused about fooling around with Game Changer again. We’ve all heard about “a good summer read,” or an “entertaining beach book.” Maybe there are summer writing moods as well. I think I’m ready to play a little!


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