Time Goes By. . . Too Fast

Ronni Bennett runs a fantastic website called Time Goes By: What it's really like to get older. She, her guest columnists and loyal, commenting readers will give you the straight of it on this subject.

She also runs a companion site called The Elder Storytelling Place, where she has given me — and some of you — an opportunity to see our stories in print for a sharp, appreciative base of readers.

Ronni has been featuring five blogs a week from her blogroll recently. I plead guilty to having my head hanging out the window even more than usual lately.  I missed the fact that she had kindly included Switched At Birth in the featured group last week. I got a moving, encouraging comment today from one of Ronni's readers who found her way here because she saw SAB mentioned at Time Goes By.

The visitor's name is Paula. She has a terrific blog with lots of eye, mind and heart appeal. It's called Birds On A Wire, and is the newest addition to my blog favorites. I know you'll enjoy it, too, so just click on over and say "Hi" to Paula.

Thank you, Ronni, for all the hard work you do to keep us informed, riled up and entertained, and thank you for including my blog in last week's feature.



2 thoughts on “Time Goes By. . . Too Fast

  1. And that YOU for featuring my two blogs, although The Elder Storytelling Place is hardly mine – I just function as the techie on that one.
    You have a terrific blog here, and I’m happy to have featured it.
    Ronni Bennett


  2. Beth, thanks so much for your kind words and for putting Birds on your blogroll.
    As soon as I tripped over Switched a few days ago via TimeGoesBy, I became a fan. What a rich and warm community there is stretching between your blog and Ronni’s. I’m delighted to be in hanging out there in the blogosphere, in such good company.


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