Last evening, I spied a large brown cricket crawling under the slipcover of a couch armrest in our living room. Buck was just about to bring his arm down on the armrest to make a point about some news item we had been watching on television.

"It's a cricket!" I said, pointing. The downward swing of Buck's arm stopped in mid-air. He took a napkin and carefully captured the lively bug, then walked over to the sliding glass doors nearby and put the cricket out on the concrete patio.

Buck had just made it back to his seat on the couch when a mockingbird zipped by and made off with the cricket.

The end.

9 thoughts on “Destiny?

  1. I always catch the crickets in my house and set them free outside, thinking I was doing them a big favor. Maybe I’m not.
    Right now I’m letting some raccoons nest in my living room chimney. Several web sites have said if I’m cool with it, let them be until the babies get big and they’ll go away. I hope that’s true.
    We just never know about mother nature.


  2. Part of the continuum of life…the mockingbird thanks you.
    Jim, you’re a generous soul. Take lots of pictures. And hang your hummingbird feeders waaaaay out on a droopy line so that the ring-tails can’t get out there and twist the flowers off to drink them dry. Oh, and don’t forget to start their college fund now.


  3. Wild kingdom in your living room! The same sort of thing happened years ago to my parents. Their cat was messing with a small rabbit and they managed to scare the cat enough to drop the rabbit who hopped away and who was then promptly picked up by a swooping hawk. My parents were horrified — but it must have been that rabbit’s time to go.


  4. The next day, Buck rescued a water-logged bull frog from the swimming pool. After we went back inside, he gave me a rueful look and said, “Now, if a snake comes up and eats the frog and then a hawk swoops down and eats the snake, I’m not “rescuing” anything else!”


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