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Gullible with Koala Jeanne Waite Follett writes her blog, Gullible’s Travels, from her home near Moose Pass, Alaska. Gullible’s Travels is the best blog of place I have ever read (and I’ve read many). Jeanne’s background as a journalist, combined with a big heart and writerly sensibilities combine to bring us a great warm stew of stories from a climate with winters below 27 degrees Farenheit.

On the sidebar of her blog, Jeanne has a suggestion for readers: “Buckle your seat belts and hang on to the padded roll bar. You never know where Gullible’s muse will take you as she explores her sixty-plus years in Alaska.”

When I first met Buck more than 27 years ago, he told me essentially the same thing:  “Keep your seatbelt buckled, sweetheart. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

He was right! So, when I started reading Jeanne’s blog from her very first post, “Ready or Not, Here I Am,” in April of 2008, I already had my seatbelt buckled and was hanging on to the padded roll bar.

Good thing, too. Almost 300 posts later,  I’ve read along as Gully (aka Jeanne) travelled to the Australian outback (where she took an early morning hot air balloon ride and an afternoon camel ride), New Zealand and Fiji, retold her experience running the Iditarod with her own dog team, went on a cruiseship writer’s conference, and many more adventures.

She cuts her own firewood with a chainsaw, kayacs, housesits in Halibut Cove for friends, is tough as a warthog and tender as the inside of a puppy’s ear.

Click here to see some of the reasons Gully volunteers to pick up roadside trash.

Or here to see why Gully is the best friend I never knew I had, even if (or maybe especially because) she pokes fun at me sometimes.

Did I mention she has a 37 year old parrot named Pablo? Click here for “An Evening with Pablo.”

I’m worn out from reading and a little stunned to see the body of work Jeanne (and her Muse) have created since April of 2008. Go now,  see for yourself, and add Gullible’s Travels to your own blogroll. Otherwise, you’ll be hopelessly behind.

I’ll leave you with some of Jeanne’s own words, along with one of her photographs taken recently at Trail Lake near Moose Pass.


 “I believe I leave a piece of myself with every person with whom I communicate, at every place I visit, in everything I do. And, I take a piece of that person, that place, that thing with me. Every second, every minute of my days, some sublime abacus tallies up the sum of those pieces, and I am the better, the richer, for it.” Jeanne Wait Follett



Gullible's photo near Moose Pass


Deep within the heart and soul of every person, I believe, is an innate yearning to leave a mark upon the world. Large or small, that mark is meant to say, “I was here. In this way, I mattered.” from The Aussie Journals, Ch. 13, “Kilroy was Here,”(it’s just below the “Sounds of Slilence” post) by Jeanne Wait Follett, posted June 29, 2008


One thought on “Gullibles Travels

  1. Oh, gosh, I’m so humbled. I’m also embarrassed by your praise and my face is burning. No, wait. Maybe I’m having a hot flash. Thank you so much, Beth. Your pal, Gully


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