Retrieving the Baby from the Bath Water

Once there was a television commercial starring a little boy who stands at his home's front door and loudly announces that he is runing away. "I'm leaving now!" he said. He opened the door a crack, but never actually left the room.

"There is creative magic in the old blog for me, after all," I said in a tiny voice.

I thought I could still read your blogs and that would do it for me. Huh uh. I miss the interaction. I miss you. Besides, sitting on the sidelines feels voyeuristic, and I like to play. 

The words in this space may be hesitant and sketchy, while I find my voice again. Feels like being in the middle of one of those swinging bridges I remember from a childhood visit to a state park.

The other reading/writing is going fine, but I'm not as happy. "Switched" is a space where I can stretch, lighten up, play and visit.

Green_baby_ink_footprintThis is me tiptoeing quietly back into the room. That's all for now. We had a huge rain, thunder and lightning storm all day. Suddenly, the clock reminds me it's time to fix supper.


13 thoughts on “Retrieving the Baby from the Bath Water

  1. Quiet hello.
    Peaked here this evening, to check your reading recommendations. School is near. I am leaving to go away for a few days with hubby ( Arizona) , and might get a bit of a book in, but plan to hike and take pictures and recharge.
    I hope you received my earlier email.
    Looking forward to reading whatever small bits you offer. Best wishes on the writing.


  2. Arizona is a beautiful state, but one I haven’t explored yet. Where will you be hiking? I hope some photos and travel notes will show up at “Talk At The Table.”
    Safe journey, Deb. Enjoy your trip!


  3. Of course you did, Dave. You’ve seen this act before! Over the years, I think it’s happened twice (maybe three times) before. At least this time I only password-protected the site rather than burning down the house like the time before. . .


  4. A very nice surprise. Sometime I’ll show you my journal (or maybe not), where I wrote more than once I was through with blogging. Sometimes you have to be through with it, and sometimes you need to come back. I’m glad you’re back. :o)


  5. Deanna, I would love to see your journals someday. I would even show you mine that never see the light of day. Wish Oregon (that lovely state) was closer to Florida!


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