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When I pulled the plug on Switched a couple of weeks ago, even though it still existed with Typepad as a password-protected site, I wanted to have a hard copy in case I decided to cancel my Typepad account altogether. So, I explored inexpensive ways to print out the whole thing. After some shallow research, I chose Blog2Print. They will upload and print your blog as a book. The price on that option for my +500 pages would have been about $200.  There is a kinder, gentler option, however. For only $6.95, Blog2Print will upload your blog and produce a printable pdf.


The drawbacks to the pdf are that photos are not included (except for a photo on the front and back covers). I think there is a way to print out all comments, but I haven't found it, yet. Anyway, I wound up with 524 pages of blog posts dating from September of 2003.  I punched the pages and stuck them in a big three-ring binder. There's even a table of contents. The ream (plus) of paper, plus all that ink ran the price up a little, but still, I think it's a bargain to have this big old chunk of my heart printed out.


Still running in archive drive, I made a cd of the video Longleaf walkabouts from earlier this year (my Flip video experiments) and stuck a copy in a safe spot. While working with the video transfers, I discovered I could put those videos onto my IPod.  Who knows? Might come in handy sometime if I get into a discussion with someone about the aesthetic value and general loveliness of pine trees and wildflowers.

4 thoughts on “PDF Your Blog

  1. Wow, thanks so much for this! I guess you could always print your photos yourself, and slip them into the appropriate section as free-standing pages, right? For me, photos are essential. What a fabulous idea. Unlike a book project, you can work on it whenever the spirit moves you. Somedays you’re hot, and some days you’re not. What a wonderful legacy for children and grandchildren, who might be hesitant to read your blog now, but would cherish it at some time in their lives.


  2. OK, before I went on vacation, I explored options of printing out my blog so I could work with it to carve it into chapters for a book.
    I discovered that I had about 2200 pages, which would cost about $800 to print.
    I exported it all into a word doc where it sits waiting to be backed up. I asked my son to get me a flash drive and he informed me that no flash drive was large enough and I needed to invest in an external hard drive.
    So, it sits in word waiting for me to do something.
    Yours looks lovely. Maybe I could print out ten pages a day….


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