Joy in the Feet

Have you ever been ill for a time or had a broken bone that prevented you from walking, running, jumping or bounding up and down stairs? Remember the thrill of regaining those abilities?

I put the Air Cast way up on a high shelf a few days ago. I have written "I will not do jumping jacks in the shallow end of the pool ever again"  1,000 times in a black and white composition book.

Buck and Maggie have accompanied me on short, slow walks for several days. This morning, I am walking solo, all the way to the gate. Oh my God, it is lovely out, slightly overcast and cool. Everthing I see, hear or smell is a miracle of sensation to my cabin-fevered senses.

IMG_2729Even the bag worms: they are lovely.

IMG_2734 The mushroom in the edge of the woods: it is lovely.

IMG_2742 The tree in the streambed that looks like a pair of upside-down legs: it is dappled in the morning light, and lovely.

IMG_2740 And the improbably vibrant French mulberries, also known as native American Beautyberries: they are beyond lovely. They are gorgeous.

Buck didn't have to ask. He saw my smile. Healing is a beautiful process.

5 thoughts on “Joy in the Feet

  1. Yes I was thinking what an awful cast! Walking is the one sport I’ve mastered in this lifetime. I’ve had injuries take it away from me a few times. As I get older the basics can no longer be taken for granted. I stretch more often and am just more conscious of the body parts that allow me to get around, and more thankful that they still work so well after taking them for granted most of my life.


  2. Nice to hear from you, Jim. I have been enjoying your new site. The photos seem to have a new solemnity. (Not sure that’s quite the right word, but there’s a different tone, somehow, from your old site.) I love the old boats, picnic tables and other ephemera of life.


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