Honeycombhead and Other Wonders

Buck and I walked yesterday in the cool of the evening. Here, in our own private Eden, we saw many wonders, but no apple tree.


Red-blanket lichen covers the underside of one branch of a magnificent old oak some 200 feet from the house.  The tree straddles the section line of the property. This is important because a future plan for our county envisions a major road paving its way through this tree. Two hundred feet from the house. That's not very far, especially when the stream, blueberries, and the gate are on the other side.

IMG_2757 Balduina's nickname is "honeycombhead." That's not a name; it's an endearment.

IMG_2769 Rhynchospora colorata, or white top sedge, also has a nickname: "star-rush."

IMG_2770 But for Buck's sharp eye, I would have missed the thrill of seeing this white-topped pitcher plant (sarracenia leucophylla).

It was near dark by the time we shook the road dust off our jogging shoes at the front door. We had lost track of time, and were happy to settle for a warmed-up plate of leftovers from last night's feast.

Who wouldn't lose track of time, wandering under branches laden with red-blanket lichen, through woodlands of honeycombhead, carnivorous plants and star-rush?

4 thoughts on “Honeycombhead and Other Wonders

  1. As an urban dweller who misses living in the country so much, it’s really nice to have you and your walks and photos back. Your leisurely and chatty prose literally transport me to gentler times and scenes.


  2. Breaks my heart to think of a major road going through Longleaf! Now, when you’re seeing the saplings you and Buck planted years ago growing into trees. And the resurgence of forest from burning. And now that the birds know where to stop on migration to refuel.


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