A Lot of Puppy in Them

Maggie turned ten last month. Buck took her to the veterinarian yesterday for annual vaccinations. I needed to stay home to meet the AT&T high-speed internet repairman, and so gave Buck a handwritten note for Dr. Cher.

  1. Re-check lipoma on Maggie's neck.
  2. Clip nails.
  3. Look at two small growths on her face and a larger, irritated-looking one on her back.

Getting old is hell.  Why is it that skin tags, age spots, moles, no hair in the right places and too much hair in the wrong places are part of the process? Buck was a lifeguard on Pensacola Beach back in the day. Great summer job for a handsome young stud. But skin has a long memory . It can turn surly in life's winter and become the enemy.

Maggie was a youthful athlete, too, winning a wall full of ribbons as a Field Trial champion. But she is not immune from the gray hairs and skin growths that come with longevity.

IMG_2816 Just look at that beautiful bod! Buck and Maggie both still have a lot of puppy in them. There is nothing sweeter in the world than having the love of an old dog.

5 thoughts on “A Lot of Puppy in Them

  1. Ah Maggie looks in fine fettle, obviously watching a rabbit across the way which really should be investigated more closely. Amazingly RnB are now around four years old, my grey hair has got steadily whiter but they are serene in their anarchy, ha-ha.


  2. Our little mixed breed, Brindy, is 17, blind and deaf. She’s still my puppy, but we’re both a lot slower than we used to be.
    I like your light touch in looking at a dog’s life and our peopled existence, where we’re aging, but still beautiful inside. It’s quite a time to be alive – something I couldn’t have imagined back when 40 seemed so far away I’d never arrive. (Now 50’s just over the horizon.) :o)


  3. I have one old dog and two young pups.
    Yeah – Mr. P and the labbies.
    Now that we have a yellow and a black, I am thinking of getting a chocolate and a white to round out the group.
    And Mr. P is thinking of divorce.


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