Sin In A Tin

Sin In A Tin is a chocolate pate created by Pensacola chef William Guthrie. IMG_2825

 It looks so small and yet truthfully claims to make 8 servings.  Sin In A Tin is dense, rich, silky, delicious and adult. It teeters on the pleasurable edge of too much — perfect for enjoying with that last mouthful of dry red, or a hot as hell demitasse of Komodo Dragon Coffee.

Instructables is an entertaining website that encourages creatvity, imagination and goofy fun in the do-it-yourself arena. You can learn how to tie knots, repair a broken ethernet plug, make a wall using recycled 5-gallon buckets, or — my personal favorite — make your very own Virgin Mary soap.

Instructables aficcionados shine when it comes to repurposing common items. For instance, submitters have built a large section on how to make things from empty Altoids tins (survival kit, Ipod case, guitar, clock, and belt buckle, to name a few). The Moleskine hacks include using an iron-on patch to make pen and pencil holders for the cover. My own solution for the "where's my pen?" problem with small notebooks is to affix a small Velcro square (both halves) to the front.  Stick a pen to it. It stays stuck until you rip it off. Works great for a bedside application, but try carrying a Velcro-ized notebook in a handbag or backpack. Micro-bits of lint and fluff will attach, too.

What if we had a small round tin where we could put all of our sins, failures, shortcomings, mean-spiritedness and pessimism?

I'm going to repurpose the empty "Sin In A Tin" container.

2 thoughts on “Sin In A Tin

  1. Oh dear! I don’t think all of my sins, failures, shortcomings, mean-spiritness and pessimism would fit in that tiny “Sin In A Tin” container.
    How’s the weather in your part of FL? We’re having glorious weather here in southern WI. In fact, I feel the outdoors drawing me away for a walk.


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