The Exquisite and the Ancient

Buck and I almost walked straight into and through this beauty's web late this afternoon when we walked to the gate.

IMG_2842 The out-of-focus brown furriness on the other side of the web is Maggie. Click here for info on the exquisite Nephila clavipes from BugGuide. She is also known as the Golden Silk Orbweaver.

Today was a double treat. Buck was talking on the phone mid-morning as he and I worked at our side-by-side workspace in the Lodge. Suddenly, he stood up, craned his neck toward the front window and pointed at something moving at the edge of the woods.

"Mr. Westmark, did you get what I said?  Mr. Westmark?  Hello?"

"Oh, sorry, Mark. Got to go. I'll call you back. Just saw a gopher tortoise."

I already had my camera and was headed to the front door. Buck came with his binoculars.

IMG_2837 Any time a person is privileged to see one of these ancient, gentle herbivores, it is a good day. Click here to read more about gopherus polyphemous from the folks at

6 thoughts on “The Exquisite and the Ancient

  1. Yay your back!! I’m all caught up on your posts-and enjoyed each of them. Great info about the pdf blog book-never heard of doing it that way. And kinda neat to know you were in my neck of the woods on Sept. 11th.
    Glad you tiptoed back in.


  2. Beautiful spider and tortoise. Spiders make me shudder, especially when they skitter along my floor. But my son and I spotted some lovely purple ones out hiking. I tried to get the sort of picture you did and ended up with a blurry blob. Don’t know how to work the camera correctly; also I was probably shaking a tad.


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