Raider of the Lost Blog Posts

A few weeks ago, I wrote about printing out a PDF of Switched At Birth.  I put the 500 plus pages into a binder. It sure looked like a lot of words, and I knew if all the photos had been included, the page count would have at least doubled. All the photos are backed up on my hard drive, on discs, and in their proper places in the blog itself on Typepad's servers, so that's comforting.

All good, until I noticed the leaning tower of files and printed pages stacked beside my study reading chair. Copies of old blog posts were stuffed into files with labels like "Mary Beth's Kitchen" or "Travel." I planned to file them, but got one of those annoying brain itches and decided just for kicks to make sure all those posts had made it into the PDF.

Yep. You know what's coming. Approximately 60% of the original posts are currently in my blog archives. The other 40% didn't make it. And it's my own fault. I blogged from September, 2003 until June 25, 2005, printed out a copy of the blog and then canceled my Typepad account, and it was "Gone, baby, gone."

Meanwhile, I doodled around with a couple of other blogs for a short while. One was called "Longleaf" (Ha! Big surprise, that one!); another was called "The Way Home;" another was "Too Much Sugar For A Dime." When I finally realized I missed the original, "Switched At Birth," and wanted to get all the old bits meshed in with the new, what I had on my hands was a big mess.

Enter Dave Bonta, of Via Negativa, who was my helpful white knight. He steered me toward the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Low and behold, a good portion of my original blog posts (and the original design) were there. I was able to copy and transfer them to the new Switched At Birth.

Anyway. This has turned into a big shaggy dog story. Sorry.

When I compared my original photocopied blog posts, (which I have in bits and pieces like paper dolls, scattered all over creation), I discovered which ones were not in the Internet Archive.

So, I'm going to re-type the lost posts so the circle will, at last, as God is my witness, be unbroken.

As each one is finished, I'll slip it into the space and time where it originally occurred, and post a link to it in the event you care to travel back in time with me.

3 thoughts on “Raider of the Lost Blog Posts

  1. Imagined if we had all started blogging when we first learn to write at six or seven – what a burden it would be to preserve all those posts. What if blogging had been around at the time of Christ. Think of all the people of the past you’d like to read.
    Sooner or later, I think historians will campaign that all blogs be preserved in some way. Sure, 99.9% of them are not worth saving, but if there were blog archives from my parents and their parents I sure would love to read them.
    There should be a national blogging archive that’s part of the Library of Congress that’s tasked with saving blogs.


  2. Quite interesting stuff. I’ve only had two blogs, and my first one’s still up “out there”, so I haven’t worried yet about saving things. But the time will likely come, so your experiences give me ideas to ponder. Thanks.


  3. I just finished transferring all my data from one system to another…somewhere in there, I think I still have my original blog posts. I think I will take some time today and try to find them. It’s been awhile since my original blog was created…should be interesting to see if I’ve evolved…^-^


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