E-Memoir: Electronic, Interactive, Progressive

This obsessive little project of mine to recreate lost, old posts is turning into a cool stroll through memory lane. The best part is finding blog friends that had been lost to me through time and the river. So far, there's Fran at Redondowriter's Sacred Ordinary, Dale at mole, and Tom Montag at The Middlewesterner.

I remember first hearing the word "blog" back in 2003. It was ugly then, and uglier now. Weblog isn't any better: web journal? writer's journal? How about E-Memoir?  Are we stuck with being bloggerists? It sounds unsavory.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “E-Memoir: Electronic, Interactive, Progressive

  1. I totally agree…in fact, I tried hard to avoid the word when it first started to catch on…we all know how well that succeeded! You think it sounds bad in English…it’s almost worse in Japanese!!
    Thanks for the comment…managed to import my bookmarks this morning…one more down with only a few left….woohoo!
    And that particular Dad story is in the works….along with other memories…^-^


  2. Deb & Leslie,
    Chris Garrett is a blogging/internet consultant who wrote a piece call What Type of Blogger Are You? (link: http://www.chrisg.com/what-type-of-blogger-are-you/) Most of the folks on my blogroll fit into the diaryist/journal category.
    Some of my random notes about blogging:
    I see. I feel. I love. I write. I show. I tell. I am a witness: this is my chronicle. We are personal historians.
    We are storytellers in a universal tradition, using 21st century tools to scrawl tales on our personal cave walls. We send these messages in bottles to reach out to one another: ancient traditions – modern tools.


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