Road Trip Journal

"Road Trip Journal is an online magazine featuring Road Warriors and the small communities they love. We want to help these Road Warriors to stay on the road as they re-discover small town America and help small town America get re-discovered. "   (Excerpt from Road Trip Journal's mission statement.)


Road trip journal

 Buck and I have been thinking about taking a little road trip from Pensacola to Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi and maybe New Orleans., too. When I began to research the route, links to Road Trip Journal popped up. My first thought was, "What a great idea!"

Then, I noticed a solicitation from the publisher to bloggers who write about their own road trips. I submitted a post called "Backroads and Blue Highways" about a short road trip Buck and took in Alabama last April. RTJ accepted it, and it's on their site today.  Check it out here and then get busy and send them some of your own road trip stories!

p.s. They even pay a little gas money to keep blogging road trippers on the road.


6 thoughts on “Road Trip Journal

  1. Wow that is so exciting! I just recently started a blog and am writing about the travel I have done, a lot of it being road trips. I will have to submit something to them once I have written a bit more. Congrats to you and thanks for sharing the advice


    1. Your blog looks good and reads well, Andrea. Sadly, the Road Trip Journal where my story appeared has bitten the dust. I thought it was a great idea, and hope they get it going again in the future. Thanks for stopping by.


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