Food Chain

 IMG_2907 This dirt (or mud) dauber has stung the spider and  begun dragging it away. In the lower photo, Buck moved the spider into a clear spot on the ground. I took the picture, then we left the wasp to the work of moving the spider into its pantry. Yum.

7 thoughts on “Food Chain

  1. I’m thinking like Dave. Perhaps the stinger gives the wasp an advantage over the spider, although, I imagine the spider has an arsenal of effective weapons of his own.
    My dominant thought is: I’m relieved that we don’t have to resort to wasps and spiders for nourishment!
    (I appreciate that your photos are up close and personal with these oft unnoticed creatures. Please thank Buck for me for picking up that not-so-itsy-bitsy spider so you could get a better picture of it).
    Oh, and thank you for your kind comment on my submission regarding the Chaos Theory at Ann’s place. I didn’t agonize over it like I sometimes do with stuff I write. I scribbled it out and you liked it. Go figure.
    I’m sure glad you’re back. Your blog never fails to delight me, even when it features such things as today’s encounter between those creepy critters.
    Thank you.


  2. Cool picture, Beth. I didn’t know a mud-dauber could conquer a tarantula. Also didn’t know they were native to your area.
    You’ve got a great eye for looking beyond the surface. Probably part of what makes you a good story-teller.


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