Fair to Partly Cloudy

Buck and Harold are a little late this year getting their oats, wheat and rye into the ground. Click here to read about last year's planting day. There's an old saying: "It's too wet to plow." That can mean anything from "we can't get there from here" to its original meaning. We've had a lot of rain, and only a fool tries to plow a wet field.

Yesterday, Buck and I took the old black pickup truck over to Robertsdale, Alabama to pick up a full load of seed and fertilizer. Our friend, Harold, will be over shortly. He and Buck will disk in the fertilizer, then spread the seeds and lightly disk them into the ground.

My job? I'll take the truck and drive the back roads back over to Robertsdale for the rest of the seed and fertilizer.

We all just hope the weather will hold today. There's a 40% chance of rain and thunderstorms, but we're optimists. That means 60% chance of fair to partly cloudy.

 Skies over Perdido Bay 10-09

5 thoughts on “Fair to Partly Cloudy

  1. Great picture! Glad you are having fairly good weather…hope it continues long enough….we are in the middle of a typhoon at the moment! Fortunately, it’s moving pretty fast and will be through here in a couple of hours…right now the waves in front of my apartment are huge!


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