False Dawn

False dawn, sometimes called zodiacal light, is a faint light seen on the eastern horizon sometime before dawn.  According to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, this diffuse glow is believed to be caused by “the reflection of sunlight from myriads of small particles in the plane of the solar system.”

I see, or sense, this light most mornings around 3 a.m. That is when random thoughts, floaters, stick in my mind, my throat, and sometimes my craw, making further sleep impossible.

I’m going to play around with capturing these flitting, fleeting fragments, like butterflies in a net here, in a microblog format. Entries will be brief, but without a 140 or other character limit. What can I say? It’s just another sand castle on my private beach. It may last for awhile, or it may wash out with the next tide.

An easy-access clickable link has been added for convenience in the sub-head. Feel free to jump in with your own insomniac thoughts, or one-sentence wonders.  

One thought on “False Dawn

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