Night Lights

Tropical Storm Ida, our November almost-hurricane, left a few homes without power, some docks under water, and some small inconvenience. She shook us up a little, put all the emergency services through their paces, and caused me for once in my life to do a week's worth of grocery shopping on Monday morning.

I'm thinking about storytelling on this windy, gray afternoon, and how the repetition of our personal narratives becomes, over time, emblematic of our unique (however tiny) imprimatur upon the universe, iconic beacons in the dark night of humanity.

Buck and I were at the Sugar Shack Sunday afternoon and evening. Click here to drop in for a virtual glass of red.

2 thoughts on “Night Lights

  1. I’m happy that you’re both safe and sound. NaNoWriMo has me drooping this evening so I’ll have to cut this off short. I’m finishing my glass of red wine so I’ll have to pass on another one. Thanks anyway.


  2. Our gray, stormy day here is just the usual for November. Getting chilly, too, so I think of chili in the crock pot. Glad your storm didn’t come close to stifling your bright, storied light. :o)


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