Thursday morning. Just slightly over 200 feet in front of our house. Did you know that when the county wants to take an 80 foot by 2000 foot chunk for a major road right out of the heart of that land you call home, that Longleaf pine preserve within a hundred acre wood with your dwelling on one side and the natural spring on the other, they have the force of law to come out and hack their way through the line they want before you even get to fight about it?












After the crew left late yesterday afternoon, Buck and I picked our way through the tunnel they had cut.

10 thoughts on “Intruders

  1. Imminent domain has never seemed right to me. So sad. I was going on and on about a local issue relating to that but deleted it….don’t want to start a rant on a new friends website.
    Your land is beautiful.


  2. I’m not up on that kind of issue but it sounds totally unfair to me. I bet Buck would have loved to get a shotgun out, shoot it near their feet and watch them scramble for cover. I’m fuming way up here is Wisconsin.
    Remember this: They can take your land but they can’t take the love between you and Buck.
    I’m still fuming. Jackasses! (I’m on my second glass of wine so please excuse my cussing).


  3. Just looking at that makes me feel sick. Living here in the desert, we try and treat each tree with care. You and Buck have worked to preserve a whole forest, not only for today, but for the future. Life is a hard call for visionaries huh! So sad for you.


  4. We’re having similar battles around here, Beth. 5,000 houses and associated services across acres of green belt and through several rural villages. A very different kind of territory, but the same struggle. I wish you strength and success.


  5. Here’s hoping you can find a rare and endangered plant or insect or critter that calls that place home. Eminent domain will be stopped in its machete wielding tracks and the tunnel will heal.


  6. Thanks, everyone, for your comments and moral support. I’ll keep you informed as events unfold. It may be weeks, months or (one hopes) years before the next shoe drops. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to document the memoir of a small forest.


  7. Shouldn’t there have been some sort of public hearing, followed by a notice beforehand? And, eminent domain does not mean they get the land for free. There should be some compensation. Yikes, I’m sorry for your future headaches…


  8. This makes the hair on my neck stand at attention. Not only are they ruining your forest, they are coming too close to your house. I ask, what is wrong with the route the old road took? It may not be a straight shot, but does it really need to be? Ok, I need a glass of Shaddy’s wine now……


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