41st Festival of the Trees

Rectangle festivalYou love trees. I know you do. We climb them. We swing from their Tarzan vines. We make pretend houses in them. We sit beneath them and cry. We even conceal ourselves within their sheltering foliage, sit on a pretend sofa made from the nexus of several large branches and eat a banana sandwich while we scribble our first poem or story in a little notebook. I am lucky to have spent childhood up a tree. Luckier still to dwell among them as an adult.

You may not be aware of a lovely, important effort known as the Festival of the Trees. Click here to learn how to participate.

The 41st Festival of the Trees, a blog carnival for all things arboreal, is hosted by Juliana Gatti Pereira in Brazil. Click here to read Dave Bonta's post describing November's festival and here to experience it for yourself.

I know. November's almost over. But you still have time to take a virtual trip to Brazil and enjoy this month's festival. And plenty of time to get your submission over to Dave at Via Negativa for December's carnival. Click here (once more, with feeling!) to read Dave's Plea Call for Submissions. I'm getting my post for December's festival ready to submit today.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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