Revisiting Sequoia

Rectangle festival

I worshiped at the cathedral of giant trees twice: once in 1985 and again in 1994. When I unearthed these old, pre-digital photos and scanned them onto my hard drive, Buck and I looked at them together,where they were raised up from 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 inch dimensions to the larger, more emotional, computer screen. We reminisced about our time in Sequoia National Park, got out the atlas and the magnifying glass, and started planning one last visit. 







Maybe Walt Disney had something to do with my feeling that I am never alone in the woods. . .

7 thoughts on “Revisiting Sequoia

  1. I’ve never been near those wooden giants but after viewing your photos I can see why you’ve returned there and want to go back again.
    You look delightful in the photos with your cute, slender legs. I so want to get skinny again but wishing hasn’t done it for me yet.


  2. Seeing these photos makes me want to check my dance card for the coming months. Been there, but was in a hurry and rushed through. Time to slow down and walk.


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