Aromas of Well-Being

The three-cheese chicken with marinara sauce and whole grain baby penne is assembled and resting in the refrigerator until 5:30 , when it will bake in the oven and fill the house with a primal, comforting, smell of garlic, red wine, fresh basil, and tomatoes. It is one of the scents of well-being; of fortitude. It builds us up.

Family cooks are lucky. We get an early infusion of the raw ingredients. They are stronger than sadness, sweeter than sunshine, amulets and taslisman for the mountain climb. I feared the challenge of climbing a mountain until the first time I made it, panting, sweating and bleeding, to a ridgetop. Then, I knew joy beyond joy.

8 thoughts on “Aromas of Well-Being

  1. Bleeding and sweating or not, sit down for a few minutes at the top of that mountain. Below you stretches a fifty-mile long fjord called Turnagain Arm by Captain James Cook. Look to your right. Far below the Dall Sheep dancing on their wee hooves is a wall of water a foot or so high, racing up the arm at 15 mph. Following behind this wall is the rest of the tidal waters that can bring tides of 30 feet or more. And just below you, two bald eagles float on an updraft. Merry Christmas to you and Buck.


  2. very pleasing words to read this morning. I tried to climb to the mountaintop of homemade tiramasu this Christmas. I fell off the cliff (too much liquer), but I’m glad I tried anyway. My friends seemed to enjoy it until the tipsiness set in.


  3. We had good friends visiting for Christmas. Both were struggling with serious infirmities. It isn’t easy to climb to the ridgetop, but we prepare the feast, we set forth the best we can to sustain our survival.


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