One Drop of Water

I plan to blog on the fly today, streaming consciousness while chopping garlic. No editing. No worries. Here's the first walk-by thought at the all-you-can-eat buffet of Christmas.

Christmas Eve morning finds me unprepared, up in the air, down on my knees, exhausted and exhilarated. It is dark outside. I hear the steady thrum of a farmer's rain.

Eleven kids and grandkids will be around the table tonight for our traditional Christmas Eve pasta supper. I walk from bedroom to kitchen, turning on lights as I go.

Pick-Up Sticks

As a young girl, I loved to braid pine needles, skate on the sidewalk, and play jacks and pick-up sticks. There was a mysterious trick with the pick-up sticks that fascinated me. If you piled six of those sharp sticks together on a hard, flat surface and carefully added one drop of water, the broken-looking pile of disparate sticks would rearrange itself into a star.

3 thoughts on “One Drop of Water

  1. Pick-up sticks…I haven’t thought about them in years.
    We never had any at home but there was a set at my Grandma’s. Between that and Chinese checkers we stayed busy for hours in those pre-24 hour TV days, way out in the country. Miles from the nearest non-family kid, we learned to play with each other.
    Today would have been the day when all of us showed up at that little three bedroom home. Six adults, nine kids, two dogs…Pallets of blankets all over the floor tonight for everyone to sleep on. My Mom and my Aunt in the kitchen, helping Grandma pull together meals for the whole clan…
    Thanks for the memory trigger…


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