A friend who has observed Buck and me together at various times over the years 
took me aside recently, unshed tears needing only a blink to spill. "I would kill to have someone look at me the way he looks at you," she said.

Another quiet New Year's Eve together: West Indies blue crab salad, smoked salmon with cream fraiche, red onion and capers on whole grain baguette slices, chocolate ice cream and Bailey's Irish Cream, and old songs played on the piano while Maggie moves silently in the darkened room to lay her chocolate and cream whiskered chin on my knee. Buck croons"For you are beautiful, and I have loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word can tell," as he turns off Christmas tree lights, sconces and the candles in the window.

An antique clock ticks loudly in the study while I type. Black-eyed peas simmer on a back burner in the kitchen and the smell of pulled pork loin barbecue is beginning to escape from the big crock pot with its cracked handle. It's a dark day, with a cold front bringing freezing temperatures here in the panhandle. But we are together. We are warm. We have a history. We have reality that can never be undone. And, as I've said so many times in this space, the rest is gravy.

7 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. I don’t usually take the time to listen to videos, but I did today. I’m awfully glad I did. What a gifted man! The music that comes through his instrument goes straight to the soul and messes with it in a most wonderful way. Moments later, my heart still holds the memory of the tweakings it experienced.
    I’m so glad you and Buck have each other, have each other in the most intimate and loving way a human being can experience another human being.
    I can’t leave without saying that I too am blessed with a man who proves his sincere love for me day after day. His love astounds me and makes me see myself in a new light, a light that before him only revealed the me who wanted to hide.
    May 2010 bring more love and happiness to both of you.


  2. That ‘s a romance novel in a picture and a short post.
    It sounds like the best kind of New Year celebration.
    I get butterflies because I too know that look.
    And the breaking of bread with my best friend.
    Cheers to you, Beth.
    And to your Buck.
    and Maggie.
    and all the time to come.


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