The Driver’s Seat: Tales of Food & Fun

Remember I told you about Grandson Garrett's plans to start collecting travel and food stories from his experiences as a long-distance big rig driver? While he is trying to stay safe while driving through frigid Pennsylvania today, I've wrapped a starter blog design to play with around the first story he sent me.  It's on WordPress here. Stop by if you have a minute and say hi to Garrett.

Thinking about truckers reminds me of a time early in our relationship when Buck and I drove a vehicle with a CB Radio in it. Two truckers, Casper and Ragin' River, gave Buck a handle: Southern Gentleman. As for me? You may recall I have (very occasionally) mentioned that one of my nicknames is Twitchy Baby. Yep. Got it from those funny fellows on the CB.

Ya'll be good now. I'm down and gone (or was that down and out?)

2 thoughts on “The Driver’s Seat: Tales of Food & Fun

  1. Ten-four, good buddy.
    My blood pressure just shot up twenty points recalling a CB story of my own. Argh! Sometimes when I think about it, it’s amazing I never committed homicide.


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