Sunday at the Library

An expedition to the University of West Florida library was in my conjurer’s bag of tricks last Sunday. I pulled on a comfortable old pair of soft khakis, and a lime green t-shirt with matching cotton cardigan thrown over my shoulders, buckled my red Keen Mary Janes with their foot-race-ready lug soles, grabbed a big canvas tote bag and my book list, and headed out.

The library is only about ten miles away, mostly down the busy straight-away we call “the 9-mile road.” Sundays are quiet on the campus, tailor-made for a poky bookworm like me. Sunshine has been absent for awhile, and its beneficent reappearance put a spring in my step. I swung the empty canvas bag like a young girl.

I glided through the tall, glass, automatic doors, zigged past the horseshoe-shaped information desk, and zagged to the right of the gaggle of occupied computer stations, down the hall to the elevator.

“Mezzanine, Madam? Lingerie?”

“No, no , no. Stories, please, and a heaping side order of Carl Gustav Jung and Dante Alighieri.”

I started on the 4th floor, the a-l open stacks, filling my bag like a greedy trick-or-treater, then skipped down the inner staircase to the 3rd floor, home to the m-z open stacks. I forgot whether an alumnus could check out 10 or 15 books, so I split the difference with 12. Besides, that was all I could lug away in my now-dragging canvas bag.

At check-out, the bland young woman informed me that my limit was ten, not 12. She was reasonably patient while I agonized over which two to leave behind. I left the Jung book on mandalas and almost instantly regretted it.

Here’s my haul:

  1. The Portable Jung, edited an with an introduction by Joseph Campbell
  2. Downhome, An Anthology of Southern Woman Writers, Edited by Susie Mee
  3. Opening Nights, by Janet Burroway
  4. Inferno, The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (Durling)
  5. Understanding Dante, by John A. Scott
  6. On Consciousness Beyond the Margin, by William James
  7. Companions on the Inner Way, by Morton Kelsey
  8. New Stories from The South, edited by Shannon Revenel
  9. Old School, by Tobias Wolff
  10. a book about Fiorello LaGuardia I picked for Buck that he needs for some research on the novel he is writing


    One thought on “Sunday at the Library

    1. That’s some heavy reading. How long can you keep the books? I don’t use the library enough… I don’t think I could stop myself from writing in the books as I read. We expect heady blog posts about your reading soon:-)


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