16 thoughts on “No Words Sweetness from the Longleaf Woods

  1. and to you as well —
    by the way, I so enjoyed going over to the other site, although it was quite intense and I feel as if I have to go back and really think carefully about what you’re writing before even attempting to comment —
    be well —


  2. Ah. I needed four-wheel drive to get out of my driveway this a.m.due to thawing/freezing cycles and a little new sloppy snow. Law requires us to have the studded tires off by May 1. Cutting it close here, Mother Nature. Nice photos, Beth.


  3. I feel that way all the time when I read your words, Elizabeth. Sometimes I leave a comment and then think, “Oh, God, that was dumb.” But does that ever stop me? (Yeah, every now and then.)


  4. Hello my Alaska friend — I think of you laughing at me every time I am tempted to do a little “weather talk” about the severe winter we had around here.


  5. Thank you, Denny. Those bluebell and other hill country flower photos Kathleen has been posting are dazzling. And you’re right: it’s much easier to be thankful for what we are receiving when the weather is mild, the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming.


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