8 thoughts on “What Do Dogs Think About?

  1. Garth Stein wrote an entire book on what he believed a particular dog thought about. The Art of Racing in the Rain. I can believe it.


  2. I understand the appeal of Stein’s book, but believe it has more to do with how people rather than dog’s think. That is, how a person who suddenly finds himself turned into a dog would think. In my own book about dogs–Just Bill–I’ve tried to base the treatment of dog consciousness on what we actually know. Reviews can be read at the Amazon site.


  3. Her slightly worried look convinces me Maggie probably has things in common with Chelsea Knister. Chelsea is a rescued border collie, and beyond a handful of details (some of them obviously self-serving on the part of the family that dumped her), we know little. Her timidity and quiet ways have caused us in the last five years to bend over backwards in the kindness department–and this alone has probably made us better people.


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