Letter from Ruth to Anne: April 26, 1975

Dear Anne,

And so they have given you something else to do. I am so glad that you are in such good care. I feel that you are. Many women come up against the same problem. Be real good to yourself.

Patt and Laverne came last night. They received the impression that Lois and Jack are doing well. I hope so. I'll tell of self later. At least, my brain and tongue team up better than on April 1.

You probably feel that I have gone cuckoo over ancestors. Actually, I am not. When I find a magnifying glass, I'll find out more about them. The writing is dim. It is surprising that the ink of over 100 years ago and later, was of such good material.

These are messy messages. But you know I love you and want to hear.

Love from Aunt Ruth



These I give you because you will meet these people again:

A. 1. Dan Carroll – Ozark

     2. Edith Carroll Smith – Ozark (lives with her mother)

B.  Anne Keahey Williams (first husband Odiodne; second husband J. D. "Jack" Williams – Montgomery

These people take quite a lot of pride in the Williams Memorial Presbyterian Church at Troy. They still attend at Union.

Mr. Crocker is pastor of Ozark Presbyterian Church.

C. Carolyn Keathey-Ramer. Teacher – husband, Patterson (Patt), deceased.

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