Letter from Ruth to Anne: October 2, 1976

Note: Clearly Ruth was sufficiently distraught about something that her usually hard to read handwriting became completely illegible in spots and somewhat incoherent in others. I can feel her heat, and wish she were here so she could tell me the whole story.The fact that this letter was written in red ink and scattered out all across the front and back of one page adds to the overall feeling of emotional upset.

Dear Anne,

"I enjoy." Well, now, if that means taking and having "a ________       of," then I am sitting (plus, so much that I can't yet move) in Patt's home. He would like the situation to be different, I am sure. So would I!

To enjoy – take pride and pleasure: well, (Take Care of yourself!) then, there is much.

Among ________all these nieces and nephews. If I am counting, then to date, I can list twenty-one!

This place gives me pleasure in being surrounded by all colors of the rainbow, just now. Many consider it a mass of whatever! Later, it will be surrounded by camellias and a shrub that makes red berries – all winter.

p.s. Red usually means Christmasy! Just now, it means last resort. The pen came to me, by chance. My regulars have given out.


Aunt Ruth

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