Letter from Ruth to Lois: April 26, 1975

Dear Lois,

All of you meet your emergencies – for self and for each other – so well. I am in one all the time. When the crisis comes, I become numb – a walking figure.

It is too bad that my tongue could tell none of you who the other is (April 1). They are people who take a very sincere interest in you. My apologies!

One, Anne Keahey Williams, had written earlier from your addresses. You do not remember her. However, she – among many others – knew your mother and father. If another was with the Williams couple, it was Anne's sister-in-law, Carolyn. She has not known you, but is keenly interested in anyone who is of the Keahey family.

Dan Carroll and his sister Edith are of Mama's line-up. Their mother, Alice Munn Carroll, always asks after Annie's children. Laverne and her sister, Jeannette Wynn, were at a standstill, too – they knew your group, but no one else.

I believe Brother Crocker was there (Pastor of Ozark Presbyterian). Mr. and Mrs. Reese were in the day before.

Your Aunt Vera's son, J. C. Paulk, died in the last day or two. He was a patient in Jackson's when your father was (past illness).

Again, my apologies.


Love to all of you.

Aunt Ruth K.

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