Letter from Ruth to Anne, Lois & Jack: July 7, 1975

Dear Anne, Lois, and Jack,

Frances got me to understand enough to feel less worried about all of you.

My state when you were here – April – would and did depress any who saw me. Sometime, I'll worry you by explaining circumstances.

In the living room here are more shelves, nearly a dozen rooms, compartments. There, I am storing hats, bags, boxes, piece goods, whatever things that came from Lilla's home after her mother could no longer live there. Mary, (Lilla's sister), you know, is caring for her husband and sister-in-law. She'll dispose of things later.

How far have I gotten with my job as the last person of several families?  Much nearer finishing than it would seem. 

My position is really embarrassing. I heard one called me a usurper. So it would seem, I suspect, and does. Some would burn and bulldoze everything. Some would sell "these old buildings."

I'll send you copies of the records as soon as I can. They would be interesting to you, I think.

The book on the Keaheys and their allied families, and also the coat-of-arms, caused some ripples.


Aunt Ruth K.

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