Last Letter from Ruth to Anne & Lois: November 19, 1983

Dear Anne and Lois,

It makes me so happy — you are coming! And Buck, too! All of you are so dear to me! You hear little from me because I have nothing to say, I suppose.

Patt and Mickie are so good to me, and Marlin (Mickie's son) — he is a fine person.

As you come, if you haven't seen this world of fall colors, you'll see one. The Home is surrounded by trees and shrubs of all kinds.

As you know, Dwight's home – so dear to us all – burned and with it Bibles and books of all kinds. The Bible that you gave me is so very welcome. There is a Gideon in the room. Also there are Bibles in a small room, but your gift is a wonderful type.

Patt and Mickie outfitted me. People heard of my loss. I was given several nice dresses. (I have made a number of friends here. Some of them are former students and are the parents of my former students.)

The Home is a lovely place in which to live — slightly expensive. I try to forget that.

We usually think of such institutions as places of sadness. There is, of course, much unhappiness. However, many things happen that cause smiles and downright laughs.

I am in excellent health – do not walk very well, but you know I was unsteady before coming.

My roommate, Mrs. Nolin, a lovely person, is some over 96. She does not see well – does hear – is strong and is fairly well active. She is a large woman. Up the hall lives Mrs. Nolin's sister, very frail but active in wheelchair movements; does not hear well, but does see well. She is between 96 and 100.

You are quite young. I am looking forward to seeing you.



Aunt Ruth


p.s. All goes well now. The electricity cut off and had some of us off schedule. We wanted coffee and breakfast.

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