Letter from Ruth to Anne: Christmas, 1979

Dear Anne,

Your plans for Christmas are made and shaping up, I'm sure. I would like so much to hear from you, how you spent Thanksgiving and what you will be doing Christmas. Mostly, though, how ARE you? Let me know.

My ten toes – corns, ingrowing nails, etc. – are much improved. I walk better. Of course, other ailments must constantly be remedied.

The day before Thanksgiving, Patt and Laverne gave a barbecue. The guests seemed to be, chiefly, Laverne's co-workers. On Thanksgiving Day, I went with them to her mother's home for a family gathering. (I supervised myself and everyone else – by going.) I had seen none of them since Dwight's death. Oh, yes, I had seen Mr. and Mrs. Sutton at church several times. It was an enjoyable day. I felt out of place, but for they made me feel welcome. Patt and Laverne carried a cake and a turkey — large, well-browned. 

The calls made by Patt and Laverne, and Frances certainly eased my worry. We could not hear anything after Hurricane Frederick hit.

Let us hear again.


Love from Aunt Ruth


p.s. I shall be at home Christmas Day. This is the time of steal-outs.

May you have the best Christmas that you have had in a long time. May you feel that it is really Christmas.


Note: "Steal-outs." The phrase itself and the way Ruth constructed the sentence are interesting.  I think it means to slip away quietly. Does anyone reading this have any experience with this phrase?

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