Letter from Ruth to Anne: February 9, 1981

Dear Anne,

How good to hear your voices – and understand much of what you say! I'll tell you on what day I'll call. If I don't get you, I'll give another try or so until I do. (I intend to get the number from Patt. I'll have him on the line at the same time. He was here last night.)

One of you asked about having a cold. I have not had a cold in several years. The only trouble I ever have is in the throat. Shots were always effective.

My wrist gives me no trouble. The fall did not affect me in any other way.

Alice Carroll (Uncle Dan Munn's daughter) fractured a wrist. It was in a cast for six weeks. The dear lady is 94.



Aunt Ruth

p.s. I am sending your letter to the same address as one I am writing to Lois, since you are together some of the time.

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