I put Maggie on a long lead today. The last time we walked to the gate, I carried it in my hand. Lot of good it did there, too, when Buck and I were beating the bushes for that essential old dog — running off like a two-year-old with the scent of squirrel causing her to become deaf, not to mention disobedient.

We were halfway to the gate this morning, just at the stream bed, when a young possum stepped up from the stream onto the gravel road, bold as you please. My camera dangled from my wrist while I hollered "Stay, Maggie, stay!" The possum had the nakedest face. It had large, round eyes, and just stood there at the edge of the road and stared at us like we were the rudest creatures it had ever seen – especially me, jumping all around and raising my voice on such a lovely morning. To me, it looked like something out of Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

The possum finally saw all it wanted to see, then calmly ambled across the road, stepped down into the stream on the other side and disappeared from view. 

Maggie was curiously restrained. She may have met up with a possum full of teeth before.

6 thoughts on “Possum

  1. I was sitting in my dining room, early this morning before anyone else had woken and saw a possum amble down the path from my front door to the sidewalk and under a car parked at the curb. I admit that I was totally grossed out by his swish and sway and that long rat-like tail.


  2. Not pretty to be sure. Our male pup “almost” stepped on a cottonmouth on a Sunday afternoon walk. The snake struck; the pup jumped quickly avoiding what could have been very serious. This creature was coiled up right by the pavement almost as if it were waiting for a victim.


  3. Be glad Maggie is so ready to meet life head-on. Chelsea, our rescued border collie is not. She is dear to us, but a broken-spirit. Her only pleasure is riding in the car. Seated on the captain’s chair behind the driver, she leans back and looks out. We are hopeless sentimentalists, and try to take her for “a drive” at least once a day.


  4. Maggie is the most well-adjusted dog I’ve had the pleasure to know. She’s called “the ambassadog of goodwill” and has a keen curiosity, but isn’t goofy like some Labs. She does have vices, though, mainly relating to the pilfering of food (she used to climb through truck windows of subcontractors working on the house and steal their lunches. . . she would also knock over their convenience store cups and coffee and drink it.)
    I have lived with, cared for, and loved a broken-spirited dog, too, in the past, and you and Barbara’s “sentimentalism” endears me to you, completely. I almost have a vision of Chelsea riding in the Naples sunshine, complete with designer sun glasses. (Oops. Well, it’s my vision. Why not sunglasses?)


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